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About This Collection

I honestly don’t know why anyone would want to read an “About”-section of a website that is about Nuke tips, but I saw somewhere on the web that you’re supposed to have one and I’m waiting for a couple of renders, anyway, so here it is. :-)

This collection started because I was tired of running into internet restrictions at work all the time. You probably know the feeling – you run into a problem, you know EXACTLY that you have the solution put down in your personal database – be it a node, a bit of code or just a general hint – but you can’t access it, because it’s on Dropbox, and the access is denied for security reasons. You come back prepared the next time, having put everything in plain text in your webmail account, only to realize that they locked that, too.

It was in one of these situations that I decided to put all my stuff on my own server. A couple of friends got wind of it and offered to contribute, which was kinda cool. Then I asked some other friends if I might copy their stuff on here, and they were okay with it and wanted to contribute, too. And now it’s public because, for the life of me, I can’t see a reason why it shouldn’t be. :-)

And that’s all. Cheerio.


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