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Rotate World Normals to Camera

You can create cam normals from a world normals pass, if you have the camera. Create a ColorMatrix node and then Ctrl-Drag the first three columns of the camera’s World Matrix section into the three rows of the ColorMatrix (so, what’s top-to-bottom in the World Matrix of the cam should end up left-to-right in the ColorMatrix). That should do the trick.

(This assumes a left-handed coordinate system with green as the y-axis pointing up.)

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Taking the edge off the Sharpen node

It is a good idea to sharpen only the luminance of the image and leave the chrominance untouched. To this effect, convert the colour space to YPrPb before sharpening. This will avoid outlines along saturated areas.


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Colour blend modes in Photoshop

Comprehensive info:

Sample image from within the expression node

To sample the incoming colour values, in an expression node type the following for the required channels:

ZBlur – Focal Plane Setup

In the zBlur node’s focus plane setup, blue is in front of the focus plane, red is behind it.