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Simple setup of blur nodes with exponentially increasing size, added back to the input successively. State: production-tested. expoglow features a pre- and post-grade section, colour shift settings and a mask input, that behaves the way it should – masking the input, not the glow itself. Update 1.1: fixed a bug that caused / channels to pop up in some environments.

Update 1.2: took out some internal stuff that wasn’t needed. And a friggin Viewer.

Update 1.3: improved internal merge and crop behavior for performance and stability. added “mix luminance” control to post-grade section. altered “crop to” options to make better sense.

Update 1.4: fixed internal naming stuff. found another viewer. I really need to work on those.



    Size: 18 KB

    Take that native nuke glow node by the neck, beat some bloody sense into it, throw it out the door and never touch it again - expoglow to the rescue!

    example image with node panel

    Size: 115 KB

    The updated properties panel in version 1.3.

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