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Export Nuke’s LUT to FrameCycler

FrameCycler can be a bitch to work with. In order to get the colours right, you can do the following:

go to your project settings in nuke (hit ‘s’), go to the LUT tab, select the rec709 entry, right click -> edit -> generate -> choose default settings, now nuke will plot a lot of keys along the curve ->hit control + a (to select all keys) -> hit control+c (to copy all keys)
now make a new ‘colorlookup’ node -> paste all the keys into the mastercurve (this should now look exactly like the curve in the LUT tab)
create a ‘CMS test pattern’ node, attach the colorlookup to it, connect the output of the colorlookup to a ‘generateLUT’ node
in the generateLUT node choose a file name and file type ‘.cube’ and type linear
(then i put colorspace node after color lookup node and set input linear to srgb)

and now hit the ‘generate and write’ button
now you can select the written ‘.cube’ file inside Framecylcer as LUT

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